Human Architecture Sculptures

I use the human form to tell a human story. With the push and pull of geometric metal forms advancing into space, I address contemporary mental and physical health issues including aging and emotional, psychological and social well being. My dialogue is based on the human condition, a universal theme about human concerns and experiences. It interfaces with my own journey as a mature female artist. Relying on the human form and its ability for meaningful gesture, a narrative unfolds which speaks to the humanity in all of us.

Three golfers  2022    8” tall, cast bronze w/ powder coat.  Partial funding by AZ Commission for the Arts. Courtesy of Medicine Man Gallery, Tucson, Arizona.

Identity Narrative/studies for sculptures

My figure drawings on paper construct a narrative about identity. Moving the figure into dimensional abstraction, I offer
alternative realities to expand the concept of self. The figure looks inward. Collage-like, the work is created with multiple layers
of shapes cut from plastic film. The transparent and translucent films offer a variety of exhilarating optical shifts as they migrate
across the picture plane. Within the complexity of the composition, an expanded version of self is explored.

The third dimension

I take my figure drawings into the third dimension. Here I am able to adapt my form and consider how my work occupies space.